As external sales representatives, we temporarily or permanently handle acquisition for providers of:

and for

Your benefits:

Stronger presence of your company on the market

With our friendly and competent appearance, we help to cultivate customer relationships and to set up and expand them.

Open up new markets and target groups with passion

Thanks to our experience, we convincingly communicate your company's range of services to prospective customers.

No training period

Thanks to best knowledge of the industry and many years of activity in key positions, we do not need a lengthy training period, but go directly to work. This helps particularly when positions must be filled or vacancies must be bridged at short notice.

No financial risk

A success-related compensation provides you the desired calculation security and preserves the budget.

Become part of the network yourself

As a result of close collaboration with suppliers, manufacturers and service providers, we are able to provide you with complete solutions for complex tasks.